Double Luck: Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan



Double Luck is the autobiography of Chi Fa, an orphaned boy who grew up in Communist China.  Chi Fa lived with different relatives before living with his brother in Shanghai.  He begged for a living before moving to Taiwan to live with an aunt and serving in the army there.  Chi Fa was only able to attend school for one year as a child.  In 1969, Chi Fa fulfilled his dream of immigrating to the United States.  

Double Luck is a chapter book for middle and high schoolers.  It can easily relate to a study of Chinese history, as well as being a true story about a boy the same age as students.  The themes of overcoming adversity in a real setting are another great part of this story.  This is another book that students could use to make timelines to map out the main character’s journey.

Fa C.  (2000).  Double luck: Memoirs of a chinese orphan.  New York: Holiday House.


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