Last Airlift: A Vietnamese Orphan’s Rescue from War


Last Airlift is the true story of a Vietnamese orphan named Tuyet.  During the fall of Saigon, orphans were airlifted out of the country.  Most of these orphans were babies, but Tuyet was allowed to go to help calm the crying babies on the airlift.  Tuyet was adopted by a Canadian family, who helped adjust to life in a new family and the new culture of the country.

This book is for fourth through sixth graders.  Last Airlift is a great addition to the classroom library because it is non-fiction, which I would promote as much as possible.  The story provides integration with history as it will provoke discussion of the Vietnam War.  I would break the story into several sections and have each student create a timeline of the events in the book.

Skrypuch, M.  (2013).  Last airlift: A vietnamese orphan’s rescue from war.  Toronto: Pajama Press.


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