Ahmed and the Feather Girl



Ahmed and the Feather Girl is the tale of an orphan who finds a magical egg as he travels with a circus.  The egg hatches a singing girl named Aurelia, who is kept in a cage by the cruel owner of the circus.  Ahmed is kind to the feathery Aurelia and is able to get the key to release her.  He then dreams that Aurelia visits him and gives him feathers, which he finds each morning.  Once he has enough, Ahmed makes a cloak and flies away with Aurelia.

This picture books is illustrated with watercolors by the author.  Ahmed is an orphan living in a setting many children dream of: the circus.  It is a great book for ages 5-8.  I would choose to read this book aloud and take time to point out the illustrations.  Students could work on making predictions as we read about Ahmed and his dreams.

Ray, J.  (2010).  Ahmed and the feather girl.  London: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.